User Friendly Time & Attendance and Access Control Software that offers Comprehensive Solutions for any Requirement. Powerful, flexible and reliable.

Simplify and Automate Employee Time & Attendance and Access Control whilst reducing costs with our Market Leading Software 

  • Rated as the most user friendly T&A Software available in South Africa
  • Highly Customisable Software to suit your T&A requirements
  • Automated collection of Clocking Times from all Readers
  • Comprehensive Built-in Reports and ability to customise Reprorts
  • Track Employee Leave, Balances and Accruals with our Leave Management module
  • Integration with Payroll Systems, Employee Self Service (ESS) and ERP Systems
  • Proactively monitor Employee Time & Attendance and Access Control from the same Software Platform
  • Save Costs by intregrating with your exising compatible hardware
  • Assign Labour Costs to your Procustion Costs with our Job Costing Module
  • Report Engine automatically sends Exception Reports to Managers at specified times
  • Schedule/Roster staff on different shifts with our easy-to-use Shift Scheduler

Flexibility & Customization


Our Software boasts an unlimited number of reports that can be customized to the customer’s requirements, using the built-in Report Creator. Reports can be automated and sent via email as Planned Events for management to proactively act on and therefore save on costs such as excessive overtime, and control absenteeism quickly.

The power of the unlimited shifts, day programs and custmised formulas sets our Software ahead of the rest.

Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software



Our Software is compatible with all major Access Control and Biometric Reader brands on the market. Years of time and development have enabled us to have direct links to the latest technologies avaialble on the market, including no-touch biometrics such as Facial Recognition. This open compatibility means that you may already have biometric equipment that we can integrate with, saving you the initial expense of new hardware.

A seamless export to virtually any payroll package using our Export File Creator, provides an automated, end-to-end solution from the clocking device to our Software, to your choice of Payroll System. We are a trusted SAGE and PAYSPACE Business Partner.

Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software
Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software

User Friendly


Our Software is always designed with the End User in mind. Input from HR Personnel and Managers over the years has helped us to continually update our Software with new features to ensure that navigating our Software with all of its functions, is easy and efficient. Our objective is always to simplify and automate your work, eliminate manual input, eliminate mistakes and save you time.

Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software

Access Control


Our Software integrates directly with Access Control Hardware OR with 3rd party Access Control systems by automatically importing the Time & Attendance transactions, directly from the Access Control database. In such cases, the Access Control software maintains complete control over all of its hardware, with no interference from our Software.

We are also able to to connect directly to 3rd party Access Control databases via API level integration.

Payroll & HR Export


As long as your payroll software can accept import files, our Software can integrate with it. We are able to export T&A data in any format for intergration with Payroll. To date, there is no known Payroll software that we haven’t been able to export to. Exports can also be automated for convenience. An unlimited number of export files can be created for different companies within the same organization.

Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software

Payroll & HR Import


Automatically link and import Approved Leave directly from compatible Payroll Systems, into our Software. It is also possible to import employee information directly from these systems like Payspace, Sage and other Payrolls systems that support this function.

Our Software has a customizable CSV import option, allowing employee information to be automatically imported from any system that can export the data, such as SAP or an Employee Self Service System (ESS).

Jarrison Time and Attendance, access control Software