Should you choose Facial Recognition technology for Time and Attendance?

Should you choose Facial Recognition technology for Time and Attendance?

Facial Recognition biometric technology is attracting a lot of attention in the time and attendance industry – more so than any other biometric technology. This is because facial recognition technology offers a host of benefits such as very fast authentication, time & attendance monitoring, access control, and surveillance applications.

Facial recognition biometrics has improved the clocking process for time and attendance by making it easier for employees to clock. No more issues with bad fingerprints or employees placing fingers incorrectly – facial recognition compensates for human-technology interaction

What is a Facial Recognition Time and Attendance System?

Simply put, a face recognition biometric system makes use of facial recognition technology to identify and verify a person and mark their time and attendance accordingly.

Fingerprint biometrics was almost the standard for time and attendance systems but the struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the issue with biometric systems that require physical contact. A facial recognition time and attendance system uses contactless technology that provides freedom from any physical interaction between the person and the biometric reader.

It is much easier to understand how a time and attendance system with facial recognition can make clock-in and clock-out easier if we know how the technology works.

How Facial Recognition Works?

A facial recognition reader captures and compares patterns on a person’s face and analyses the details to identify and verify the individual. While the underlying system is complex, the whole technology can be broken down into three steps:

  • Face Detection: An essential step is locating human faces in real-time
  • Transform Data: Once captured, the analogue facial information is transformed into a set of data or vectors based on a person’s facial features
  • Face Match: The system matches the data above with the one in the database for verification

Advantages Of Using Face Recognition Time and Attendance System

Apart from being efficient, self-managed, and highly scalable, these biometric systems offer unmatched advantages.

Automated Time and Attendance

Entry and exit time monitoring done manually or with other biometric systems can be fully automated with a facial recognition time and attendance system. There is no need for human intervention or physical validation as the system’s advanced algorithms can locate and identify faces autonomously. It is effortless to track the working time, clock in and clock out for employees with facial recognition.


A facial recognition time and attendance system can save business resources by automating employee time tracking. A facial recognition system from Biometric Time Solutions can also be used on mobile devices making it more affordable for small-scale and medium businesses. Irrespective of the business size, our time and attendance system can:

  • Increase employee productivity by 10%
  • Cut administrative costs by 5-10%
  • Save 15% supervision time, helping supervisors with attendance control

The cost savings are even higher as data received from the facial recognition based time and attendance system is in real-time and valid.

Touchless Time and Attendance: A Post Pandemic Requirement

Pandemics like Covid 19 can be better managed by minimizing physical contact in public places and work environments. Post pandemic there has been a significant increase in demand and adoption of contactless technologies.

The industry has recognized the benefits of facial recognition and the adoption of a time and attendance system from Biometric Time Solutions. Workplaces and multi-tenant environments can greatly reduce the frequency of contact between individuals, thus minimizing the risk of virus transmission.

Facial Recognition With Ageing Changes and Accessories

Facial recognition time and attendance systems are not dependent on a few facial features and can identify a face using several data points. Therefore, these biometric systems can screen for face masks and identify people without removing the mask or any change of facial attributes like beard, spectacles etc. Biometric Time Solutions Readers use highly accurate face recognition algorithms that can also track changes in facial attributes like glasses, beards, hats, etc.

More Accurate and Better Worker Attendance

Industrial floor time frauds are common worldwide and one of the most common work ethics violations. While a vast majority of workers are honest, the nuisance of buddy punching cannot be ruled out. Teaming up with staff members or security personnel, some workers skip work and still get paid.

Such time fraud is not only detrimental to companies but is also unfair towards honest contributing workers. With a Biometric Time Solutions facial recognition time and attendance system, the entire environment these

The Ubiquity Of Cameras On Mobile Devices

Biometric Time Solutions can make use of mobile devices for time and attendance using facial recognition. Nearly all smartphones have built-in front-facing cameras. This implies there is no need for any additional hardware to implement a facial recognition time and attendance system using the Biometric Time Solutions App for Android and Apple.

Not only is this cost-effective and convenient compared to other biometric systems like fingerprint readers but it also offers tracking time and attendance for mobile or remote employees.

Easy To Manage

Compared to manual attendance systems, digital based time and attendance systems are highly automated. These systems store and update day-to-day records in real-time. From maintaining daily clock-in and clock-out times to preparing highly accurate timesheets for individual employees and integration with payroll systems Biometric Time Solutions facial recognition time and attendance systems are programmed to handle it all on any scale.

Smart Integration

Integrating a Biometric Time Solutions facial recognition time and attendance system with other HRMS or Payroll system is quite easy. As these systems are modular and highly customizable, our time and attendance data can be customized to be compatible with other systems implemented in an organization.


Biometric Time Solutions facial recognition systems makes tracking employees’ time and attendance accurate while saving costs. Our system also adds a layer of security in the workplace. Facial recognition time and attendance systems are the best modern-day solution for tracking employee hours.

If your organization is still burdened by a manual attendance system or struggling with fingerprint recognition, it’s time to upgrade to a facial recognition time and attendance from Biometric Time Solutions. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will gladly schedule a free demo.

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