Welcome to Biometric Time Solutions, where security meets precision with our cutting-edge Guard Tracking solutions. Our Guard Tracking systems are seamlessly integrated into our time and attendance hardware and systems, providing a comprehensive solution that redefines how you monitor and manage your security personnel.

Our Guard Tracking solutions go beyond traditional security measures. They empower you to ensure that your security personnel are where they need to be, when they need to be there, all while integrated with our time and attendance hardware. With precision and control, you can enhance security and optimize workforce management. Experience the future of security with Biometric Time Solutions, where advanced technology and reliability meet in our clocking in system, ensuring your security personnel are always on track.

Are you sure your Guards are completing their patrols when you are not there?
Our Guard Tracking system is designed to help you monitor your Guards in a Cost-Effective and User-Friendly way.

It’s so easy you can install it yourself!

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  • The system is designed in South Africa for South Africa.
  • Extremely Tough and Robust Hardened Steel Baton to tag at Patrol Points.
  • Supports Multiple Patrols overnight.
  • Supports Multiple Batons/Guards.
  • Supports Multiple Sites.
  • Supports Supervisor Batons.
  • Very Easy to Use Software and Reports.